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It's really never a day off...

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...

It was 70 degrees when I left St. Louis. The weather in Wichita was supposed to be 30. I packed accordingly. Turns out, it was three (3). Three degrees. Ouch.

We're so glad you could attend, Come inside! Come inside!

I ordered a 10' truck from U-Haul. What I picked up was a 1989 Toyota with a 3.0 litre V6 and no radio. On long slopes up, I couldn't get above 45mph. Once I got through Kansas City on the way back, however, I was able to hit 75mph on the downhill slopes. I had my son in the truck with me the first five hours, and my daughter the last five hours. You heard right, the 6-hour trip took me 10.

There behind a glass is a real blade of grass...

Applebee's. I hate Applebee's. So somehow we end up with us 4 adults on one side of the table and the three kids on the other side. Myself and my wife's cousins on the outside, the two women in the middle. The waiter stands next to me and asks how we want the check divided. I tell him, "I'll take it, just bring it to me." He leaves. My wife's cousin said, "What did you say?"
"Don't worry about it. He was standing next to me. I win." He didn't look happy. I had my debit card in the little holder on the edge of the table for the waiter to pick up when he came back around, when all of a sudden, his daughter - who had been low-crawling behind the adults, popped up, snatched the bill from the edge of the table, and ran! She gave her father the bill and walked my card back to me with the air of success. I had to admit defeat. That was the most creative way I've seen to take the bill.

Be careful as you pass, Move along! Move along!

Two days worth of email. Two days worth of voice mail. Everything is an emergency. Interviewed a new person today. She can start immediately. I wish she could start sooner. My wife is on my ass to get my expense reports in. My boss is on my ass for the same reason. I'm staying late tonight to accomplish just that. My wife made some wicked-fantastic chili yesterday. I'm looking forward to eating that again tonight.
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