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The mind is a fertile playground, filled with both thoughts shared, and thoughts best left unsaid. Which we choose to do with each, as a Freud would say is a job for the eternal struggle betwtix id and super-ego; a massive, heaven and hell power play which takes place in our sub-conscious mind, leaking ever so infrequently into our waking thoughts. And yet as evil and selfish as our id is made out to be, the greatest driving force behind our super-ego, fear - is far, far more damaging to those who venture out to mingle amongst others.

Fear of rejection, fear of being judged, fear of ostracism, rejection, change, failure - all these things and more from people we know, people we don't know, ourselves and even God Himself. So much fear, so much hesitation, so much environmental molding that we never even question our own motivations.

Orbs within an orb to perceive
And this sphere is your heart
And this truss its strength
Tucked away in an elongated cube
These staffs shall perambulate you
Until the end of your days.
For the fear which binds us, it also blinds us

If your best days were the bygone days of old, for what are you now living? What animates you and perhaps more importantly - do you know why? Have you ever questioned - no, studied the daily events your life, how you got there, what you hope to accomplish, but perhaps most importantly why you do it. Have you ever stepped outside of it in order to look in? Not in order to see what others see, but as a change or perspective to see what YOU see.

Rediscover yourself. If its been awhile since you pushed your envelope, by all means do so.

And never let the bastards get you down.
Tags: failure, fear, id

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