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An excerpt from my May 14th 2010 post where I compared frustrations with things which should be relatively simple to a trip I once took in Saudi Arabia where the street signs pointed opposite directions for identically named locations.

Logically, I understand that processes change, people quit, new people are hired & trained, sub-contractors win & lose bids and we live & work under constant flux of minute variation.

Statistically, myself and THREE THOUSAND OTHER PEOPLE have been getting our badges renewed on an annual basis for something like ten years.. Given the numbers, on any single day of any week in any month of any year, you're renewing ten badges. Ten badges daily. 3000 a year.

Departmentally, you have an entire staff dedicated solely for the handling and creation of badges and badge paperwork.

Emotionally, why is it every single goddamn time I have to get my badge renewed, you proceed as if its the first time you've ever seen one, and appear genuinely surprised at the process involved? It couldn't possibly have changed that severely since last year, and if it did, I expire in May which means you've already processed nine hundred (900) badges before me!
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