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Pants. You heard me, pants. six weeks after severing the cubicle tether, I was put on travel...back to Dallas. Hands-On equipment touching. Yep. For the first time in six-weeks I had to slip on a pair of jeans. Felt...awkward. Like a sheep standing on its hind legs. Ugh. You know, its too bad I couldn't just show up in shorts. Someone would say, "Hey! Why no pants?" And I'd be all like, "100% remote." And they would nod in understanding, as if the position granted a certain privilege. The privilege of a relaxed dress code. The privilege of no pants.

Wonderfully, I drove myself! Scoffing at those who fly, I packed my car with all the luxuries of home - things you can't get through airport security. But because I couldn't sleep the night before, I left Newton, Kansas at 0230 after being awake for 19 hours. Because there was zero traffic at that hour, and I was no hurry (I'd planned to stop by my folks on the way in and they wouldn't have been up had I arrived too early) I stopped at the Waffle House in Oklahoma City, marveling that I hadn't been there since 1999. When I left half an hour later or so, I remembered why. I'll revisit in the year 2023 just in case. But not before.

I arrived at the Embassy Suites on the corner of 75 & LBJ at 1500, and after four free "Happy Hour" Scotches (Grants [blended] from the Glenfiddich distillery) I passed out after being awake for 38-hours. I awoke in the same position I fell asleep in after a solid, uninterrupted 8-hours, and as a bonus, 15-minutes before my alarm. Embassy Suites makes a mean omelet. But I should sue them over the use of "high-speed" in the descriptive nomenclature of their internet service, for it reads like an adverb, but at .013 Mbps down I wanted to shoot someone. My trusty 3G aircard hovers around 2.0 Mbps. I can't believe I almost decided against bringing it! High-speed my ass.

And just like that I was back in Dallas traffic, zipping in and out around cars as I traversed Central Expressway Northbound at 80-mph to start the day in McKinney. Invigorating! Nothing at all like the geriatric-laden slow pace of Newton. And air! Sky! Things the basement has kept from me like secrets I was able to experience again. A beautiful morning and a beautiful evening. In between the same group of guys I had dinner with at Chuy's in Austin took me the one in Richardson - Ah, Mexican food! That and Whataburger I think will be the only things I eat out while back in Texas. Unless drax0r wants to munch some FREEB!RDS. I'm always up for that.

So I'm building out two HP C7000 blade chassis with 10x blades each and installing ESX on each blade so each chassis will have 10 hypervisors. Were DNS available I would've been also installing Linux and (ahem) Windows guests on them. As it is, as soon as these are completed, we're dismantling them and shipping them to different coasts. I'll be following one to Andover, Massachusetts next week for re-assembly.

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