ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Swordfighting: Not as easy as it looks

My son wanted me to play some game with him or come look at some achievement he'd gained - they're not yet used to "just because Daddy is at home, doesn't mean he's not working" and I told him I would be available as soon as I was done with my current project. That's when he asks me the question I've been waiting him to ask me since he was born. Peering over my shoulder, he squints an asks, "What is "sudo su - ?" A father couldn't be more proud.

The last thing my wife saw last night before bed was an advertisement for DVD release of new new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and subsequently dreamed she was fighting alongside Elizabeth Swann aboard the Black Pearl. When she awoke her arms were sore and she confided in me that swordfighting was NOT as easy as it looks.

And I have nothing to report, as a 90-hour week has sapped 100% of my energy, and my emergency reserves. I am but a hollow shell of my former self. I hope I get this weekend off, but I'm not holding my breath. Let's face it, I'm not holding much of anything. Except maybe the bag.

Tags: work

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