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On the set, day 3

Originally posted by kylecassidy at On the set, day 3
Day two on the set was lots of crazy big shoots with people underwater and danger and tourists and naked people, a lot of the stuff that I was most worried about and that was the most grueling on the actors, which makes it grueling on me. Actually, day one was pretty intense too. Day three is our character development day, so we're spending time explaining the relationship between Imp and Abalyn and Imp and Eva and there are lots of tiny shots of glances and little things.

We've all been living in the same room for three days now and it's going to feel sad when I have to leave and this little ball of magic pops. We've had such a great time, even being soaked and sleeping on floors, our little band of brothers and sisters. There's been hard work and enthusiasm and every time we ask someone to do what we think is 110% they go further. I can't wait to start showing you all this in it's final form.

For me The Drowning Girl and it's characters, Imp, Abalyn, & Eva have become real -- and I'll miss them all.

Thanks to greygirlbeast for writing this beautiful book.

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