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I dreamed several nights ago that I awoke in the morning like I always do, at the touch of my wife. Most unusually however, she was wearing an orange bodysuit. One of those long-sleeved, all-in-one jobs. Not only was I surprised (and a bit confused) I found the confounded thing a real chore to get into.

Orange has many associations, in particular with generosity and optimism. It is considered to be a color of warmth, thoughtfulness, wisdom and sociability, and it is connected with sunshine and light. Dreams in which orange features are often taken as signs of positive change within the dreamer's life, but it is also important to point out that orange also has associations with mistrust, uncertainty and doubt.

Glad we cleared that up!

Then again, it could just be the three large pumpkins sitting on my front porch, what I consider the official start of Autumn (Halloween) right around the corner, a monkey-pattered snuggie my wife purchased for an upcoming baby-shower, Denise Slaughter coming to mind (she used to wear them when I knew her) and this (NSFW) picture Scott Church posted.

I'm very complicated.
Tags: dreams, wife

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