ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Gog and Magog

I don't have black & white dreams often, and I'm unsure if this dream would qualify as such, for while it was entirely in gray tone, it was truly just desaturated. Desaturated because of the overcast sky. The mighty expanse of enormous sky, entirely overcast, and foreboding.

Two separate dreams last night, independent of each other - both found me traveling down a gray divided highway under that gray sky, in wonder of the powerful weather system we seemed to be driving toward. In one dream, Mr. Witwicky was driving. I believe we were in Flordia, or at least somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico. That's when we saw it. A huge, dark gray vertical wall of tornado connecting the clouds and the horizon like a stovepipe hat, and suddenly too close for comfort. Mr. Witwicky slammon the brakes, maneuvered the vehicle into a controlled slide, crossed the median of the divided highway and starting heading the opposite direction we'd been traveling, away from the storm.

We sought refuge at an old 50s era Air Force Base, built onto the highway like a Rest Stop; like the massive King Fahd Causeway between Saudi and Bahrain. And yet suddenly that was where we were supposed to have been. Conducting business with another company. They had a presentation for us, and we were surrounded by many people we knew. The day continued to be gray and overcast, but the immediate threat was gone. I had visualized the storm being contained by the fence in my backyard at the Texas house. We were safe.

The second dream was uncanny in it similarity to the first - again, traveling at great speed down a divided highway only to have my direction reversed by a tornado. This time I contained the storm inside a smaller area, much higher walled wooden fence in the backyard of the Kansas house. I was ready to destroy this storm once and for all, so with an upraised knife, and much trepidation, I approached the 10-foot gate containing this swirling, snarling wrecker of havoc and swung it open! Inside was my wife! And I felt as relieved as Abraham when the angel of the Lord stayed his hand from sacrificing his firstborn son.

Afterward my wife and I rode our motorcycles out on a lush, but gray winding deserted two-lane road on which towering vertical blank billboards stood facing only direction - the fascia used as a deterrent to scale the 10-times taller than usual telephone poles on which they were attached. This did not stop my wife of course, who, with near-superhuman power, leaped to the bottom rung and climbed to the top. In doing so she ripped her shirt above the left breast and it opened like a scar and became a fixation for me.

The clouds continued to roll in and I was reminded of the end time in the book of Revelations.

In dreams, any kind of highway represents a symbolic journey in real life; this may be related to your career, your private or your social life. Your actions on this journey will be significant; everything that occurs will be significant for your dream interpretation.

To dream in black and white suggests that you need to be more objective in formulating your decisions. You may be a little too unyielding in your thought processes, and thus need to find some sort of balance between two opposing views. Consider the views and opinions of others. Alternatively, you may feel that there is not enough excitement in your life. Do you need to add romance or color to your life?

The sky often represents the mind or your thoughts. Gray clouds denote despondence.

Dreams of tornadoes are often symbolic of ongoing verbal arguments, fighting and emotional tension occurring in a relationship. overall, the presence of tornadoes in dream land suggests that you are an extremely emotional person and that either you (or those around you) are prone to emotional outbursts. Alternatively, you may feel as if you are being swept along by forces beyond your control - perhaps someone's passion. [Or as a fear/phobia: aversion to fanaticism.]

To see a fence in your dream signified an obstacle or barrier that may be standing in your path. If the house that feature in your dream was you actual home and some aspect of it was highlighted, you need to decide whether your dream was literal or whether is relates to some aspect of yourself.

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