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Its not just fine things I enjoy, though I do have a bit of an eye for them, but I marvel in joyous practicality when a work of art can also be utilized. My favorite mousepad is a reproduction of a Persian run - a gift by photogoot many years ago - its next to my laptop where I put my external drive and back-up blackberry. That is because I have a new mousepad which isn't really a mousepad at all - ita a Spitfire Kentish Ale pub mat, and very nearly identical to the look and feel of a mousepad only double its length. And since I use two mice, it lends itself beautifully to the task. A gorgeous and unexpected gift from somebritinmass.

But when michelle1963 posted on her Harvest-themed table runner she made for my wife, she called it a "small project." I fired back that it was enormous compared to a coaster - and had to eat my hat when she made me one. My own quilted coaster! And she even chose scraps for it from her mother's Asian-themed king-sized bedspread (again in HDR) I'd been so enamored with.

Its the finer things in life...

Tags: photog

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