ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Red Giant

I dreamed I was in Colorado at the Air Force academy with Bill whom I'd escorted because he was being honored there. As we have become accustomed, we were in a palatial suite in an on-base hotel (billeting) but I decided to leave my slumbering wife to watch the sunrise in Colorado Springs as I heard it was a sight to behold.

I sat outside the window at the smoking area, which was on an elevated fire escape and the sky started to lighten with a deep, rich red overtone. I dropped down and walked across the multi-layered terraces until I was near a berm where many students had gathered to watch the sunrise, just standing there like the angels in City of Angels, listening.

Because the sun was rising above a mountain ridge I turned around to watch the sky in the opposite direction. It was cloudy and ruby-red grapefruit colored. The sun rose and I could hear a symphony of color and sound as the clouds in the opposite sky deepened and became more defined. The sun rose further and I finally turned around to face it. It had cleared half the ridge - it was a brilliant red and I could see the plasma filaments swirling around the coronasphere and the enormous red flames of prominences licking off the surface. It was a magnificent swirling, active ball of red with white sunspots which seemed to ebb and tide while the sun worked loose its earthly moorings and rose.

Red sparks like firecrackers or mischievous, errant fairies popped around us, being fueled by the rising sun. The sky had not become any brighter despite its slow, almost gravity-defying ascent, which allowed for the harmless, magical mini-suns which blossomed and popped around us like bubbles with the reflections of the sun itself on their smooth, oily surface to bee seen in a balance of perfect contrast.

Then the meteors came. Enormous slabs and chucks of rock flowing past us, some in slow-motion, others at amazing speed. I started to get nervous, but those around me who watched the sunrise every morning seemed unconcerned, so I stood still and watched in amazement. The rocks, being hurled from the awesome power and glory of the red sun crashed deafeningly but harmlessly somewhere behind us and with a final, rousing fanfare of the unseen symphony, the sun itself burst forth from the horizon of the ridge and filled they sky with red light!
Tags: dreams
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