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O zenith of Oʻahu guide us
We come before you again
Protect us as you protect Callisto
As we trade amongst yours winds

We look to you for direction -
Point us like an arrow;
Seeking your heavenly council
Keep us on the straight and narrow

You are ever-present in the waning light
Keeper in the skies
Never wavering, never diminishing
Never in disguise

Comforted in your steadfastness
Though we may not always understand
Utilization does not require us to
Are you a god or are you a man?

Of all the fates which conspire
Amidst a multitude of narrow misses
We dedicate our launch to you
And adorn thee with our kisses

For you are the purity of thought
Our perfection in the sky
Our sole directional buoy
To return, upon you we rely

I lay myself out prostrate
But where do you go at day?
Do you hear our supplications?
Why have you nothing to say?

Some say you're compassionate
Twisted reasons they attempt to show
Other say inanimate
But they don't really know

Faith is only as good as the lore
With which it has been woven
The more who believe the more believable it is
Our history has thus proven

You manifest yourself nightly
An unending repeatable event
But the skills I learned from my father
Occurred without your consent

I appreciate your existence
As a static cosmic display
You're a tool without equal
But I shall no longer pray.
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