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In discussing complete disdain for societal conventions, I would often ask my own mentor about the evil men would do upon each other were there not laws in place to prevent such heinous acts. It was he who explained to me the difference between malum in se & malum prohibitum - that is to say, to differentiate between evil for evil's sake and evil because its prohibited; two very different ideas about things.

I need this post here to point back to from time to time if/when my motives are called into question. Needless to say (because its already been said) when you set out to question everything, you absolutely must question everything - not just some things. Not everything except that which you already believe to be true. Not everything except what you know you're not going to change your mind about <-- its that VERY THING which will prevent you from moving forward.

So just to be clear, when I'm talking about living by my own righteousness, my own code of conduct:


I am NOT talking about condoning rape, murder, theft or child molestation - evil things which most every human being would consider, "wrong."

But I may be talking about speeding, or laboring on the Sabbath - concepts and ideas which have been implemented by the many, but which not every human on earth would consider evil, and may be open to interpretation.
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