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Am listening to all the Harry Potter Scores and both BSG albums on iTunes in preparation for watching the 4th movie tonight after my back-to-back BSG season ending episodes! My little friend has been in the refrigerator for a week, cooling, waiting the moment I draw him forth and tap him!

Fantastical day at work; busy as usual, actually - but I'm rockin' like Don Dokken today, baby! I am the hot knife in butter today, handling issues in a ballet of decision making. w00t!

Have a call at 1700 to troubleshoot a Board Member's Macintosh iBook. Apparently, he's pulling up everything in Chinese, and our CEO offered his PC Desktop IT Support to fix. Hmmmm.

(2:18:47 PM) Danzigfried: you have the most eccentric collection of ties of any tie-wearer i know...

Have you ever seen a man eat his own head?
Tags: music, ties

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