ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Hunting drax0r

Sorry for the lack of coherency in this one, but I did dream of Cameron again last night (though she looked like Skylar from Alphas.) She lived with us in some capacity or another, only we all awoke one morning to have found she'd inadvertently killed and partially eaten her brother, Simon Tam! It was a nasty mess, and we were all very frightened at what she might do next - up to and including harming us!

Apparently I was a photographer for the local police department somewhere on the East Coast! Everyone wore dark brown trench coats and there were rows and rows of row houses. I got called to a crime scene of a partially eaten body alone in a house with no signs of struggle and no evidence of forced entry. The lead investigator had to step down for some conflict of interest reason and handed me the reins - my first assignment on point! Many people were in and out of the townhouse complex when I got a call from the chief of police, an African-American woman who wanted to know how to get to the crime scene. I awkwardly explained it was the same house in which she had just left - but because I had to take the call from a phone booth down the sidewalk, I didn't notice Cameron walking around the crime scene!

It all started to make sense. This was her doing, and I had to protect her to protect myself. She was still family no matter what. Sadly, I could tell that she was suffering from a glitch and back in full terminator mode. Her new mission parameters were to hunt down and kill...drax0r!

She was getting ready to head to Wichita to murder him, and while I knew drax0r wasn't in Wichita, I also knew she'd kill all my friends and family in trying to get his location from them and I couldn't let that happen either. I was somehow able to get her to wait until later in the afternoon, and escorted her back home. Once there, I quickly devised a brilliant plan! We got her all packed up and I asked her if she'd take a note to my kin there. When she agreed I handed her a pencil and a notepad and asked her to dictate.

I started, "Cameron - " She looked at me, I indicated she should write this down, "Tony is not in Wichita."

She wrote it out, I continued, "Everyone in Wichita - I know you don't know where Tony is, but next time you talk to him, tell him I said, "Hi.""

I thought myself very clever.


Tags: cameron, dreams, tscc

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