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Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart

He's got the Eye Of Fatima, on the wall in his room

Woke up this morning with a song in my head and a spring to my step. I don't know why, as I only slept about seven hours last night. I guess Sunday night's 11-hour slumber has evened the score.

Two bottles of tequila and three cats and a broom

Our last class of "Redirecting Children's Behavior" was last night, and it ran long due to a graduation ceremony which was quite gay. Then, in a twist of bizarre irony, they serve cake and cookies to the children. At half-past eight! WTF are these people thinking? *sigh*

Got a 18 year old angel and she's all dressed in black

Users are dumb

He's got three ounces of cocaine tied up in a sack

It is true that my wonderful wife has made my lunch every day this week. It is also true that I love not eating pre-processed crap everyday during my lunch hour. True again that my guys have actually talked me into leaving my wonderful lunch in refrigerator overnight to eat with them today. How is this possible, you ask? ALL-U-CAN-EAT Mexican Buffet. Need I say more?

And this here's a government experiment and we're driving like hell

I kept referring to the 'self-calming place' (PC for time-out these days) as the 'self-loathing place' which was cracking up the students around me much to the consternation of the instructor, who thought I was saying it correctly from where she was standing.

To give some cowboys some acid, and to stay in motels

So I was telling my guys about Tony's new discovery, when one of them pulls out his wallet and presents me with a $1 with the web-address on the bill by use of a red-stamp. Tony, I updated the site.

Gonna eat up some wide open spaces like a cruise on the nile

The VP over this account himself stopped by my office for a visit. That was a first. I braced myself for an ass-chewing, but instead just answered questions he was getting his ass chewed over. And the hits just keep on playing!

So take the hands off the clock we're going to be here a while

Took me four tries to remember how to use mailx today. How embarrassing. Hopefully, I'll get back in the saddle once I get my Solaris box from Texas. The first thing it's going to need is patching! (Hope I can remember how to do that!)

And I am the Eye of Fatima, on the wall of the motel room

OH WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS? A group of Directors stopped down! More activity than I've seen in six months! What do they want from me? Why now?

And cowboys on acid are like Egyptian cartoons

Lori dreamed last night that her and I were on Araakis. The Desert Planet. Dune. I was eating up all the spice, and trying to get her to eat some, but she didn't want to. Then the worms came after me, because I was eating all their spice. Honestly, sounds like something I would do. Perhaps she had the dream due to the mostly bland food we've found here in St. Louis. I need some Texas Gunpowder (dried ground jalapenos).

And no one ever conquered Wyoming from the left or from the right

The steam-table was broken so there was no ALL-U-CAN-EAT Mexican buffet. The proprietor generously offered us any item on the lunch menu for the buffet price. We ate chimichangas, and they were fantastic. Carla picked up the tab. What a sweetheart. And...that was the highlight of my day. It all just went downhill from there.

But you can stay in motel rooms and sleep all night...
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