ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Lesser Work of Sol

Grappling with divinity of self teeters upon treason of reason, yet manipulating elements to align nature for your own will to be done takes an immeasurable amount of energy - energy which, while naturally occurring and freely given - is rarely able to be stored, and certainly not in sufficient quantities in which to affect command of the natural order for purposes of manipulation.

Not that it can't be done.

Many meditative techniques would have you deny your flesh in order to become successful; to do without. Others, like sex magick, might have you engage in extended oral sex while high on hashish to obtain the same goal. I would suppose then that it were up to the individual, and not the act itself. Dogma is such an archaically flawed concept, especially when one has not the choice to engage in either of his own accord - it would appear that for a choice to be made a choice must be available. For the man who has no mate abstains already but for entirely different reasons, and for the man who cannot presuppose a willing partner of dogmatic specificity (not a harlot nor a woman one who accepts rewards for compliance; nor a virgin; or under eighteen years of age; or another's wife) is also at odds with ritual.

Work instead with what you have.

And I have much to work with. My plan is to bend the natural order of things to my will for purposes of manipulation. Yes this requires great energy, and great focus, and I will utilize the VIII° rituals at my own hand. Its out there - freely accessible to those willing to work for it. But because this great energy cannot be stored, the brute force approach will fail. A Doppler Shift of sorts therefore will instead be applied; smaller maneuvers charged and sent out one after the other in a dizzying array of singular focus.

I'll know soon enough.

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