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I remember having numerous flying dreams when I was a child. Flying around and being amazed at how the world looked from such heights; my house, the tree in the front yard from hundreds of feet up and the butterfly-feeling of airtime as I leapt and soared and fell and barrel-rolled through the air back towards the earth. Exhilarating! I remember several very vividly.

And I remember a few as a young adult. My father has told me that he had flying dreams often through adulthood, though not so much in later years. When I was a young man there was always the fear of flying too high, like Icarus, where I would fall seemingly ceaselessly. Always worried about flying too high. Getting nervous about the heights I'd accidentally obtain in trying to fly at just the right altitude. Scary! Admittedly, I haven't had one in several years. At least not that I remember. But last night! Last night I was in Wise County, on the side of a rolling-hill divided highway attempting to deliver a package on foot, but became frustrated with my lack of progress. With my arms tightly wrapped around the boxy package, I leapt into the air - and soared!

It was a little disconcerting, getting my trajectory and height reasonably under control (I was more worried about accidentally setting down on the highway through miscalculation than I was crashing) but once I did, I flew in a lazy-eight pattern above the highway, watching the traffic and big rigs roll by unsuspectingly, and trying to gauge how many feet I was above the ground.

Later, in the lunch room of a Top Secret Dallas research facility, I was attempting to assist my best friend in ousting a mole! (Who was actually a very beautiful blonde who just happened to have an undesirably poor attitude). I said, "Watch this!" And wrapping my arms around her I jumped into the air. And came back down. I jumped into the air again - floated for a bit, and came back down. I started running through the cafeteria, still holding on to this girl before finally jumping a third time! I was flying a low, circular pattern around the heads of the patrons, pushing off the windows with my feet when I got too close before purposely crashing out of a window in a perfectly round man-sized hole with my captive still held tight in order to dispose of her.

It was an amazing feat, and a wonderful ability to have.

I'm flying once again.

Flying dreams and the ability to control your flight can be representative of your own personal sense of power. If you are flying with ease and enjoying the scene and landscape below, then it suggests that you are on top of a situation. You have risen above something. It may also mean that you have gained a different perspective on things.

Dreaming of soaring or flying through the air may represent your own quest for spiritual or intellectual inspiration or achievement. According to Freud, flying dreams express the urge to enjoy unlimited sexual freedom and to indulge in sexual experimentation. Another explanation is that you yearn to feel as free as a bird.

These are often connected to feelings of elation, joy and happiness, evoking feelings of freedom, liberation and breaking free from the chain that bind you in waking life. They can tell you of personal growth, creativity and self-discovery. They may also symbolize great joy and excitement about what lies ahead for you in the real world.

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