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Firefly, Serenity

Within Reason

Posted on 2012.01.09 at 09:20


michelle1963 at 2012-01-11 20:19 (UTC) (Link)
You have a gift for pointing out the vulnerabilities in the way human thinking works (or does not work). It's a thing of beauty, dentin.

However, I was addressing a nuanced difference ~ the quality of the underlying self-confidence an individual has in himself. Neither you, ehowton, nor myself suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Why? Is it because none of us believe in much except the basics of the logic (which you have so well explained in the above post)? Does this give us the confidence in ourselves that some seem to lack? Or is it our self-confidence that allows us to shed ourselves of beliefs in deities, and the associated context?

In any case, those who have little self-confidence often readily tie their self-identities to an idea ~ religious, political party, etc. They hold these ideas sacrosanct in lieu of self-discovery (which might lead to self-confidence). They vicariously gain self-confidence when greater numbers of people adhere to the same concept. And since their self-identity is tied to a concept, they can tolerate no alternative concept, because to do so becomes an assault on who they are.
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