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Virtual Love-Not-War Sex Robots

There are many and varied reasons I have two virtual private servers (vps), one ubuntu, one centos, one in Ohio and one in Los Angeles. Neither of these vps are used much, excepting the one in which I use to upload every image on my livejournal over the last seven years. Someday (and I've said that the last five of those seven years) I'll move them all to livejournal's gallery. Well, at least the pictures. But seven years of entries is a lot to edit. I just looked it up - 1,500. One thousand, five hundred entries to hand edit and re-link.

I knew I wouldn't remember everything when I let one of my vps expire. And I didn't. I lost my extensive online resume. It was a work of art! I'm sure I have a copy of the template somewhere around here. But I did manage to transfer all my wilddamntexan files and unixspook mixes locally prior to it being shut off. It was the one which was a smarter deal - $35 a quarter. I'd missed a payment and they wanted $80 from me. That was the reason I needed to finally run my own. Besides, it was the suckier of the two (the one in Ohio).

I have a magnificent array of servers that I use for a variety of purposes, but if I was going to host my own, I wasnted a certain level of redundancy built in, so I chose my twin DL360s. I removed one processor from each (to use as a spare) split their memory equally, and installed ESX 4.1 on both with my never-expiring license. I created a single virtual machine - cameron_vm1 on CYBERDYNE-1 and was going to rsync it nightly to cameron_vm2 onto CYBERDYNE-2. If I needed to, all I had to do was was flip ip to one or the other in my router, and fire up the rsync. Or, if catastrophic enough failure, boot one DL360 with the other's striped disks. And I *think* someone at work has a spare vCenter license to manage the "farm" I have now created.

Only, go-daddy (my registrar) wouldn't allow me to point to my Dynamic Domain Name Service (ddns) server - it needed to be a static internet protocol (ip) address. As I have dynamic ip address - one which changes, I use a ddns to "map" it back to my router - but I couldn't point my own domain to that ddns for redirection. So I called COX and told them I'd like to order a static ip address. They said, "No." I would have to upgrade to a business-class "bundle" for an additional $85 a month. I explained that was pretty steep for a static ip, he explained all the benefits in the "bundle." I explained how I didn't require anything in that bundle except the static ip. He explained how it was policy, and there was no other choice. I explained how the moment another high-speed internet provider moved into the area and created competition, it would be amusing to see how quickly "policy" changed in order to keep their customers. Silence ensued.

So I fired up my LA vps, upgraded its operating system, and started moving everything over. That's when I remember I left my crontab scripts in my home directory on the now-defunct server. Its always something. Maybe I have those backed up somewhere too? (EDIT: Found them!)

So we're back up and running. Swimmingly.

I have no idea what I'm now going to do with my cameron twins...

Tags: linux

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