ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

功夫 Kung Fu

Streaming Netflix on my television has greatly influenced my life these past couple of months, and I'll tell you why - kung fu. Lots and lots of kung fu movies. I've seen more kung fu movies these past two months than I've seen in the collective entirely of my life. And it makes me want to watch more.

Like the old black and white series The Rifleman I used to watch as a kid. One man, with a clear sense of right and wrong combating those who would take advantage of others. So it is with kung fu. Eastern Westerns. Using kung fu as the vehicle to tell the story of the honor of ethics. And how those who misuse kung fu always lose in the end.

Its one of those things I've taught my children from a very young age. That good will always triumph over evil. But that it won't happen on its own. It takes strength and courage, and a belief in yourself. That evil is dumb, because its finite, and allows no room for cultivation. Evil is short-term.

Watching kung fu makes me want to start practicing my taeguek forms again.

And think about positivity triumphing over happiness.

Tags: positivity
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