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Seems everyone but me has a book list out these days. Well guess what? I stopped reading for about a year. I had other shit going on in my life. But, now that I have less. Let's see what I've amassed in the intervening months (I'm really only going to focus on the books around my desk - those I consider the most immediate). Listed in no order of importance, from top to bottom:

  • Beyond the Mortal Coil (nearly complete) - William L. Churchman & Michelle Churchman

  • Everything 101 - Sonne

  • Atlas Shrugged (started last year; will start from beginning) - Ayn Rand

  • The Chatham School Affair (galinda, maybe?) - Thomas H. Cook

  • Spook Country (drax0r traded me this for the audiobook) - William Gibson

  • 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know - Religion - Peter Stanford

  • 50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know - Ben Dupre

  • The Religion Book (more of a reference, really) - Willis

  • Whatchamacallit (going to give to Dad next month) - Danny Danziger & Mark McCrum

  • The Philosopher's Handbook (onionskin paper & really tiny print - hard to dent) - Rosen

  • The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams (my primary dream reference) - Theresa Cheung

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