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Things have changed. They always do. The individual who was supporting an offsite meeting couldn't make it. It was dropped back in my lap. I have no one I can send. We're at 50% staff with me going on vacation this week. My boss, always keen to an opportunity, makes me an offer I cannot refuse to support the meeting in Fort Worth while I'm there on vacation.

New timeline:

060322: Depart for Wichita.
060323: Setup Win98 box for Mother-in-Law.
060324: Depart for Texas/Kids at folks/Overnight at Dave & Wendy's.
060325: Check into hotel/Spend day at folks/Troubleshoot WinXP box.
060326: Lounge around/Pick up rental car/Working dinner at the Renaissance.
060327: Provide IT Support at the Renaissance.
060328: Provide IT Support at the Renaissance.
060329: 1/2 Day IT Support at the Renaissance.
060330: Pick up U-Haul and begin loading of household goods.
060331: Depart for Wichita.
060401: Depart for STL.
060402: Unload.
060403: Unload/Attempt to create order from chaos.
060404: Return U-Haul/Attempt to create order from chaos.
060405: Return to work???

Another meme snatched from vember:

Figure out your answers for each of the below.
Put them into a Google image search.
Grab the first interesting image for each answer, and post the images (without showing the actual answer) in your journal, along with the meme rules.
Oh, and be kind — post your answers below a cut, for those who are afraid of scrolling.

1. The age you will be on your next birthday
2. A place to which you'd like to travel
3. Your favourite place
4. Your favourite object
5. Your favourite food
6. Your favourite animal
7. The town in which you were born
8. The name of a past pet
9. The first name of a past love
10. Your favourite colour
11. Your first name
12. Your middle name
13. Your last name

Introduced Galinda to Shiner Bock last night. Give'er a little taste of Texas!

Installed a mil-spec hardened Xbox in my shed for when Tony turns into a zombie.

Having lunch, then departing. Take care.

No, I did not wake up with the head of a horse between my sheets this morning.

Yes, it was chicken-fried steak (St. Louis-style) for lunch.

Oh, and the new girl who's been here two weeks? She turned in her two-week notice.
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