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Dreamed my mother was the leader of the resistance against the evil Gamilons, an alien race at which we were at war! My entire family and I, not unlike the Robinsons from Lost in Space/Swiss Family Robinson had traveled on the Space Battleship Yamato to another galaxy in hopes of peaceful negotiations with the Gamilons by meeting with our allies against them.

The problem was, once we got there we weren't sure which side of deserted portal-bridge was the good guys and which was the bad guys. We'd gone through a narrow, enclosed river with lots of scary snakes; thicker the closer to the door of the portal we got, and ever-present on the other side, so we came back through to wait on the non-scary side for something to unfold. Just outside the mouth of the portal-bridge river was a nice covered gazebo and picnic area.

After a pleasant wait on the beautiful sunny day surrounded by the Aztec-style architecture, the good-guys showed up, and accused us of collusion with the enemy - because we were on the wrong side of the portal! I reminded them that they were to, and by that logic, we might also assume that they were the bad guys. (Turns out the snake was their national icon and mascot.)

After that we had a bit of a sit-down discussing the motivations of the enemy and the possibility - just the possibility mind you, that *they* saw *us* as the "bad guys" simply because we perceived each others actions as hostile, when in fact if we understood their intent, and helped them understand our own, the war might be over, and a new dawning of peace between us might be possible.
Tags: dreams
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