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A Working Vacation, Part One

Random Notes:

Wednesday 060322

Snowed on the way to Wichita. My son asks, "What's that white stuff?"

Thursday 060323

Dreamed of BSG Season Three last night. Funny enough, it took place in Boyd?

Bought the Firefly series on DVD. And Serenity. I can't wait. First on the list for Carla, Lori and I when we return! Hooray Carla!

Try to remember how to set up a modem in Win98. Yeah, I know. Replaced my mother-in-law's 15" burned out monitor with my 17" Sun CRT. The IE Browser was too old to support, so I had to download IE 6 SP1 (10MB) over a 24k connection. Fun. An hour and a half for that, and two hours to download updates. Wanted to eat a bullet.

Went to my new favorite cigar store in Wichita, and, because I didn't have the kids, I finally perused the liquor store attached to it. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ANYWHERE THAT HAD THE QUALITY AND VARIETY OF BEERS I FOUND HERE. Couple that with the fact that I met the most knowledgeable beer lover I have ever met behind the counter, and well, that was a recipe for success.

The Czechs invented the pilsner. It's the best in the world and I praise them for it. Thier Klaster Premium Winter Lager however is...well, they should stick to the pilsner. Understand, it's 29 bazillion times better than Bud, for example. But not quite the full-bodied sensation Pilzner Urquell is. I bought it because it was on sale for $3.99 a six-pack. Unheard of.

I've had the Franziskaner before, both overseas and here in the states. Mostly their hefe-weizen. I felt comfortable in asking if they carried a krystal weizen (which they haven't carried in nearly two years) but was suggested this 'Club Weisse' as their best second. It isn't, but it's an honorable attempt.

Friday 060324

It was so nice seeing mom and dad again after seven months. I didn't want to let either of them go. The children were very excited, and begged to stay the night with Grammie and PapaDaddy - which was a good thing, because that was exactly the plan!

As we finally left my folks, we thought we'd drive by our old house. It was too dark to really see it by then, so we stopped by to see our old neighbors (neighbor #1)...who don't live there anymore! But our other neighbor's, (neighbor #2) who had moved two years ago, moved back! Into neighbor #1's house! My naming convention is confusing, because everyone is named 'Dave.'

Speaking of Dave's, David & Wendy, Tony, and my wife and I had dinner and drinks at David's Friday night. It was a fantastic reunion with plenty of hugs to go around. Then the drinking ensued. I provided a 6-pack (minus the one I drank!) of the Klaster Premium Winter Lager, David had a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra, and Tony showed up with a 12-pack of Coke because he'd left a bottle of Maker's previously. I was also eying David's brand-spanking new fifth of Crown Reserve ;) David gave Tony and I goodie bags filled with phone-geek accessories, and received from him, a beautiful plaque of Darth Vader and Darth Maul signed by the actors which portrayed them. The three of us spent the evening after the womenfolk went to bed playing Elite Force II, picking up where we left off seven months ago. Wendy gave me stern warnings to have David in bed before 0400. I believe he was in bed at 0358...I know I was! And David, yes we did kill your 12-pack if you consider the single beer I had from it. Dude, you drank the rest yourself!

Saturday 060325

Shopping with the wife all day Saturday - bought some ties, and this hat:

Expect nothing less.

Sunday 060326

Took the wife with me to my meeting Sunday evening for a dinner and a walk-through in preparation for the next day's meeting start. Wife was thrilled the ladies chose a snooty Mediterranean restaurant. They had a Chilean Sea Bass, but I turned it down because the Sea Bass weren't ill-tempered.

Monday 060327

It's 0715 and I'm at a conference table in the hotel with 9 women. I'm the only male. This has been my existence since I started with this new job. I've been the only man at Tupperware parties, but that was to be expected. Last week, all the women in the front office of my son's school were looking past me, as I was the only father which showed up for his parent-teacher conference.

A rather large bat was flying around in circles trapped in the rather cavernous ballroom. You don't see that everyday.

Here's SomeBritInMass just prior to his operation. He taped the note to his gut, under his surgical gown as a surprise for the doctors. It reads, "Docs, Just so we understand, it's my prostrate, not me balls! Ok?" When he awoke, the following message was beside him, "Sorry Mate, but we were laughing so hard we nicked your willy. Doesn't look like it will matter much though! Cheers!"

Sitting dead center over Houston Street in Fort Worth looking over North Side. It's a nice view, the hotel spans two city blocks. This is the largest hotel I've ever been in. I feel like I've walked 14 miles today. Well, I did walk to the Flying Saucer where I got a draught pint of Pilzner Urquell for the Monday-night price of $2.50. Can't beat that! Staying with David & Wendy tonight, as he's 5 minutes away, I'm exhausted, and I have to be back here early in the morning.

Okay, I gotta go again...
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