ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Nocturnal Emotional Processing

Dreamed I was back in uniform. Again. We lived in Texas and I was heading to Goodfellow Air Force Base. Again. My family and I lived in an architecturally impressive house. Like a 5000 sq/ft single-story ranch. Second dream in a row where I lived in a house like that. Contrasts greatly with the dream I had we were living in my great-grandfather's house again recently.

One thing I notice in these dreams is an inordinate amount of various emotions I seem to have. I "feel" a lot during these dreams, and they run the gamut. Emotions I may not consciously dwell upon during my waking hours. While my ability to process emotions outside externally facing behavior gives the appearance of an armored exoskeleton, it does not mean I do not feel, nor experience emotions. I wonder if these nocturnal indulgences are in fact some sort of pre- or post-processing allowing me to feel more fulfilled or more emotionally well-rounded.
Tags: behavior, dreams, nep

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