ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


Racing down the rampant path, ramparts shield; berms anti-wrath
Dip dodge duck dive dove; Army foxhole, Navy forecastle
Trench-coat whore fair world war trench warfare
Both Mother Earth's sensationalist development envelopment.

No release without peace, the wooly mammoth's fleece
Kits knit comforting porn flicks imaginative free kicks
Sports and war and sex and war wax and wane lukewarm
Diverse goals divisive poles inconsequential winning holes.

Choose a side go along for the ride don't hide
Stand proud be loud lose yourself in a crowd
Display individualism like everyone else - melt - in pot of smelt
Too rigid too soft re-form reform to others thoughts.

Or instead be yourself, self-hurl from the shelf
Reanimate with utmost haste shed hate procreate
Dance in the street with strangers you meet greet
Know first who you want to be don't flee feel glee
Aim far past the bizarre bazaar its never too far
When you've shed who you are.
Tags: poem

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