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Working Vacation, Part Two

More Random Notes:

Tuesday 060328

Lots of kitty loving. Speedbump's all grown up now, so big and lovey, he's such a sweetheart. Mleko is enjoying the highlight of her twilight...a private bed near the washing machine. And Q. Such a big boy. The most handsome cat I know - and using his gigantic brain power to communicate telepathically - what a smart boy he is!

Here's the plaque David gave me:

I'm going to put it up in my office in St. Louis!

I set up two laptop's with room audio, projector video, and wireless slide advancer. I had four to deploy in 15 minutes but managed to check the important ones: Room One had a gazillion slides, Room Two other had an audio clip of a scream embedded. I double-checked everything and took off to omplete the last two, as 15 minutes is not a lot of time in which to accomplish these tasks. After the presentations, I got two calls. One, from Room One, who's slides advanced at an alarming rate, to the point they had to abandon the slide show, and one from Room Two, who heard a scream in the middle of a speaker's presentation - one hour before the real presentation! The hotel's A/V staff had set the two wireless mice to the same operating frequency...

Robertson hits up my web site the day I'm driving to Wichita - he just read I was coming to town and working at the Worthington Renaissance. We met today at the same snooty Mediterranean restaurant for lunch with HIGGS! and Robertson's next door neighbor, who happens to run Food Services for the Worthington - and who's son is sitting at my old desk at my old client site...right next to Robertson!

Fscking dipshit hotel in Decatur has no internet access. Just for giggles though, I turn the wireless on. Guess who DOES have access? The Best Western across the parking lot! Woo-hoo!

Had a nice surprise at work today - a Van Cliburn finalist was practicing for his concert tonight on the hotel's baby grand for six hours or so, right outside our meeting area.

Stopped at the liquor store on the way home this evening, but they were out of Pilzner Urquell! The proprietor suggested an Italian Pilsner, Peroni - which turns out is actually a lager, not a pilsner. A very good lager, but a poor substitute for P.U.

Xingu is a Brazilian Black Beer, classified as a Sweet Stout and is very good. At $4 a bottle, however, rather pricy for a daily drinker.

The Dusseldorf Altbier was, in a word, fantastic. I may start drinking Altbiers instead of other pilsners (provided I can find them) if they run out of Pilzner Urquell again.

The A/V guy at the hotel reminded me a lot of Tony. Looks like Tony, acts like Tony...and dressed like Tony would dress if he had to work at the hotel. Black slacks, black combat boots, black shirt and black tie.

I only work half a day tomorrow, but with a 0630 start time, and being an hour away, I'm sure it will feel like another full-day. Still, anything's better than another 14-hour day. Will probably see David after work and load up some container I left over there, then David and Tony are joining me Thursday for the loading of the U-Haul.
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