ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

The 8 Wonders of Kansas: Cathedral of the Plains (4 of 8)

St. Fidelis Catholic Church was nicknamed "Cathedral of the Plains" by William Jennings Bryan, an affection which makes Catholic leadership cringe, as it infringes upon protocol - that being, only a church which houses a Bishop can officially be termed cathedral. Now I have visited Canterbury Cathedral in Britain and other churches in the United States, but have never seen stained glass anywhere as breathtaking as found here.

Because of that I almost didn't share these pictures, as the anemic 700-pixel preview images do not do the full-sized ones justice, and because I don't always click the "embiggen" image link, I know there are those out there who also will not. I do save my clicks for those pictures which I think deserve it, and many of these most assuredly do.

Tags: 8wonders, kansas

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