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  1. Second Chapter
    • "The Cross of Changes"
      • Enigma

  2. Kama Sutra
    • "Harem"
      • Sarah Brightman

  3. Huong Vietnam
    • "Sex Lounge: Sensual Foreplay"
      • My Phuong Nguyen & Thierry David

  4. Tibet (A Passage to)
    • "Buddha-Bar IV"
      • David Visan

  5. Stroke Me Gently
    • "Dirty Music: Music from Adult Films"
      • Various Artists

  6. Seventh Heaven
    • "Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha Bar"
      • Dreamcatcher

  7. Desire
    • "Buddha Bar II"
      • Claude Challe feat. Deepak Chopra & Demi Moore

  8. Deep Forest
    • "Deep Forest"
      • Deep Forest

  9. Tao and Zen
    • "Zen Breakfast"
      • Karunesh

  10. Desert Rose
    • "Desert Rose and Brand New Day"
      • Cheb Mami & Sting

  11. Angel (Vandit Night Mix)
    • "EP"
      • Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Faith

  12. Tu Tu Hai Wahi
    • "Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha Bar"
      • DJ Aqeel

  13. Escuchame mi amor
    • "Erotic Lounge: Finest Pleasure"
      • Maestra and Cabal

  14. Body Heat
    • "Body Heat: Jazz at the Movies"
      • John Barry

  15. Hip Hop Sample

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