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That Voodoo That You Do

The confluence of events which transpired are fairly simple - my wife had recently started watching the David Statham sci-fi series, Alphas and "that girl you like from Terminator" was guest starring. So we all sat and watched the episode where Summer Glau played Skylar, a super-genius single mom.

During the course of the episode, the leader-dude walks behind the counter of a missing co-worker's home, looking for clues. While the rest of us were focusing on the dialog and the leading man, my wife saw something entirely different in this frame:

She saw the knife block.

After a little digging I found it available for $160. Six months later I got it for half that on Amazon. But not before running across a blog which asks,

"CAN someone explain to me why anyone would buy the voodoo knifeman kitchen block? It is unfathomable why this sickening knife 'toy' (for adults, allegedly) is still on sale for use in the home."

My wife is fascinated by (she's named him, "Mojo") the artistic beauty of such a functional piece of equipment which has gone above and beyond the characteristically mundane. The flowing shape and vibrant color is certainly eye-catching, and she envisions the entire kitchen being a prelude to making him its focal point.

I replied to that blog above - screened, as it has not been published at the time of this writing - to the point that where some people see disgust, others see beauty. The only thing unfathomable to me, is how some people cannot comprehend that other people may see things differently than they do.

Happy anniversary, sweetheart:

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