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I've made this mistake before. I just wasn't expecting to be surprised by it again so soon (if three years can be considered, "soon"). In my phone are many people's screen names - not their real names - and so yesterday I found mr_dowg in my phone listed as such, complete with a picture I have of him set as a ringtone avatar. I posted to the Anna Texas Community Forum that I was going to be in town this weekend, but knowing he's not an avid reader of the forum and not wanting to miss him, I texted him my intentions and suggested we hook up.

I wasn't outright rejected by Delorean, the girl at the other end of the number for my suggestion, but she was interested in first knowing who I was. This caused me brief, but intense confusion. First at the discovery that I had two numbers in my phone for Mr. Dowg, one of which was apparently no longer his - and perhaps more importantly, what Delorean thought I meant about hooking up. Getting laid; intercourse - making sweet love down by the fire.

In my youth, it was considered impolite to sleep with someone without first knowing their name. I guess some things never change.

And Delorean, I hope you find that special someone this weekend!

Or at least a willing participant.

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