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Its been nearly three years since I posted about mouses. The two mouses I use to date are a black version of the Microsoft mouse in that picture, and a silver version of the Logitech scroll-mouse. Still my two favorite.

But I found myself in Texas and in need of a good mouse. Something formidable since my hand is on it sometimes sixteen hours a day. And since my hotel in near MicroCenter, that's where I went first. But they don't open unitl 1000 and I needed to pick up an overnight FedEx at the front desk pretty early, so I went on to Fry's Electronics.

Fry's had probably 75 varieties. I wanted once which was built as sturdy as a gaming mouse, but didn't want side buttons, which bother me when moving from left to right. I wanted laser, but the last time I spent $75 on a Logitech laser mouse, it didn't hold up well. I like my mice to last me at least a decade, and that one did not. I found my standard marble scroll-mouse, but what I needed this time was a wheel. I finally decided I needed a braided cable, but only the gaming mice came with those - in fact, it was hard to find a non-gaming mouse which wasn't wireless. Unless it was a no-name brand. And of the seven $5 mice I brought home the day I found them that cheap, only three survived the first year. Not good odds.

And while I considered all the price ranges, I was hoping to spend less than $100 on a freaking mouse, and hopefully half that. But I was getting into some pretty slim pickings with my requirements. For awhile, I was going to to with an $80 gaming mouse, until I saw the R.A.T. - by Saitek - the manufacturer of my amazing keyboard.

They also make something unusual; a wireless gaming mouse. It was $149. The full adjustable one was $79. And their "first" R.A.T. was $49 - with an additional 5% off at the register. I'll admit I was skeptical, but I love it! My favorite? The thumb rest. It moves with the mouse. My second favorite? The side buttons are not at striking distance when moving the mouse. Which, with the thumb rest, wouldn't matter.

What an weseome input device! And something I could really do with, given the nature of my work, and my play.

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