ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Faster Than Light

Two nights ago I dreamed I was back in Europe, this time as a civilian. I had my children with me and we were at the hauptbahnhof; downtown train station. The structure was deserted as it was the middle of the night. My children and I were checking the vending machines and pay phones for left over coins, collecting them from our trip. We were fascinated that some of the coins were black and shield-shaped and also marked with differing denominations.

Then a group of soldiers returning from Afghanistan showed up with PTSD and my son and I visited with them.

Last night I dreamed our Boyd neighbor "Big Dave" swung by the small single-wide my family and I were living in out in the country to bring me an enormous glass jar stuffed full of live shrimp. The shrimp's marking made them look like they had wide eyes and a smiley faces, so I brought the kids in to see. photogoot and his ex-wife were there visiting us, and it was awfully crowded in the tiny utility room with all of us packed in there looking at the nice gift from Big Dave.

Dave was apologizing that the jar was not filled with nutrient-rich water nor a filtration system, indicating that I would have to change it often to keep the shrimp alive. But they weren't shrimp anymore, they were baby sharks, one of which leaped out of the jar and bit me on the top of my hand. I was surprised, and it stung, but it did not bleed. Nonetheless there was an open gash across the back of my hand the full width. We were all peering into my hand watching the tendons and muscles operate as my hand moved and I pinched the wound close in hopes it would fuse together saving me a trip to the emergency room.

After everyone left, I found myself in the garage trying to pull-start my daughter's mini-sized Sears/Craftsman riding mower with the BMW engine to no avail. My father stepped out to help me troubleshoot and that's when we saw a group of neighbors gathering in the field to watch something in the sky. I stepped out of the garage and saw a gigantic olive-drab aircraft with a bulbous aft-section, tiny non-functional stub wings and a narrow needle cockpit. It was being chased by a fighter jet. The slow-moving, almost unnaturally hovering craft was trailing billowing black smoke until the diamond-shaped energizer started arcing purple electricity and rotating around the rear chassis. This was the ignition sequence for the faster-than-light drive. The craft was going to go lightspeed in the atmosphere. That's when the chase plane launched it armament at it, causing it to exploded in a terrible fireball or noise, light, and sound. We all watched it horror as it banked and crashed into the earth.

I exclaimed loudly that we were awfully close, and shuffled my mom and dad into the garage as the impact and secondary explosions hurtled large pieces of shrapnel our direction. Two more of the nearby olive drabs ships attempted to launch, suffering the same fate from the airborne fighter jet.
Tags: dreams


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