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Eric Howton Epic Spirit of Nature 2012

Blue (so named after Petty Officer Joseph "Blue" Palasky of Old School) "You're my boy, Blue!" reached Epic - the pet max on Wizard101.

I have a couple of Ancient pets, and a couple Adults and Teens, most are Babies - but Blue here, he's a real life saver, and I mean that in more ways than one:

PIERCE TRAIN: Will occasionally, out-of-turn cast "pierce" spell against opposing side's shields.
PIP O'PLENTY: (Currently) sitting at 4% chance for Power Pip (it appears to increase over time).
SPRITELY: Will occasionally, out-of-turn cast "sprite" healing spell on me.

And for Epic he gained

LIFE-GIVER: Increasing my Life School combat spells by 6% (assume this one increases over time as well).

"I see Blue, He looks glorious!"
Tags: gaming

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