ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Earth Day

Farmer GBZ has been busy planting. Not for sustainability, but for peppers. The boy like peppers. So he planted bell peppers, jalapenos and habeneros. And not for Earth Day either - for eating. It just so happens I took this picture on Earth Day and it reminded me of my Life School Mage on Wizard101. He sure is growing up.

He's planted a variety of edible vegetables in the assorted container garden in our back yard - and surprisingly not only puts forth the effort to maintain them, but often reminds his mother. But container gardening apparently wasn't enough. This is his garden at his grandmother's house on their property which he also maintains. She waters it daily, but he does the weeding and the work. He's very proud of his garden, but I think he'll be even moreso once he's able to reap the fruits - or in this case the vegetables - of his labor.

Tags: kids, photog

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