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Problem Solving

It amuses me to no end when I get sideways validation - that which I am not seeking. And its been coming from an unlikely source; the only place I get my news these days, LinkedIn's "Today" weekly brief. This week was 4 Secrets of Great Critical Thinkers "The best problem solvers see a complex problem through multiple lenses" where they quote Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman from his book Thinking, Fast and Slow.

Basically, shit I do which annoys people:

  1. Slow down. Insist on multiple problem definitions before moving towards a choice, especially when the issue is new or complex.

  2. Actively work to buck conventional wisdom when facing new challenges or slowly deteriorating situations. Don’t settle for incremental thinking. Design ways to test deep held assumptions about your market. Of course, different is not always better so seek to understand the wisdom inherent in conventional wisdom as well as its blind spots.

  3. Encourage disagreement. Debate can foster insight, provided the conflict is among ideas and not among people. Increasingly, we live in a world where people can choose to interact only with those who agree with them. To escape from these cocoons and echo chambers, approach alternative views with an open mind. Don’t become a prisoner of your own myopic mental model.

  4. Engage with mavericks. It is not enough to simply be comfortable with disagreement when it happens to occur. Critical thinkers seek out those who truly see the world differently and try hard to understand why. Often you will still disagree with these mavericks, but at times they will reframe your own thinking for the better.

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