ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

The Other White Meat

Its no surprise that openSUSE wallpaper is void of slender vixens tugging at their clothing in various states of undress. Its unsurprising because that unabashed imagery drips with wanton sexuality and openSUSE is anything but sexy. Oh its pretty enough on the outside. But its a thin coat of lipstick that's been applied to that sow, for it rubs off quick and once it does you realize you're hefting whole hog over the threshold of a double-wide.

That being said, it seemingly works. Pig or not, my needs are being satisfied.

I have dual-monitors back, VirtualBox back (mostly - a lack of dkms for openSUSE means I'll be re-running the vboxsetup script every time the kernel changes) and VPN. And all these are good things. I even decided to leap into KDE for the first time in a decade. So while I'm not yet used to all the front-end tools and I seem to be doing a lot of hunting around for where I think things should be, its still linux - I know all the cli stuff - and I'm hoping as the resident SUSE support administrator, this will just help me become more familiar with the sysconfig way of doing things.

But its not that I was fumbling around so much as the excessive amount of hands on. Like, actual compiling again. And messing with library symlinks and versions. I haven't had to lift a finger for a very long time in ubuntu and perhaps that's made me soft. When you're pig-wrestling, your hands are going get dirty.

Tags: linux

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