ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Spontaneous Interval Training

Its been gorgeous out. Crisp mornings, cool days, and windless. Very unlike Kansas. And I've been walking. Up to an hour each in the mornings, the afternoons, and the evenings. This has necessitated acquisition of the appropriate garb, and far more showers than I'm accustomed to, but so far, the results are FANTASTIC.

I'm clad these days in mostly compression undergarments and sleeveless moisture-wicking fabrics - not my usual attire, but wholly necessary for this level of activity. Outside my office door sits my barbells and a pair of gloves. Every time I enter or leave the office, I follow a strict regiment of daily upper body exercise. One day is military-press pushups using the barbells. Another day might be full supination concentration curls, or deep swimmer presses. I use the Bowflex for triceps on triceps-day.

When I'm hungry, I eat.

So far I've been surviving on an average of 300 net calories a day. I expect at anytime for that to not be enough, but you may have heard the expression, "he could skip a meal?" Its true. And though I'm only down 10-pounds, it feels like 50. My knees, back and feet no longer hurt. My energy level as mentioned previously has skyrocketed. But the surprise came today. As I am no stranger to exercise regimes I am familiar with it - it has happened to me before - I just wasn't expecting it this early. You see, today, during my walk, I ran.

I ran a short distance, then walked again. Soon, very soon, I decided to run again. I ran, and then I walked. I repeated this process for two full laps, very surprised it happened. Will it happen again? I think so. Interval training is supposed to be the most effective at cardiovascular fat-burning. Its all downhill from here, despite the heat which will come. Its already routine again, and my past accomplishments shortlists me for success.

I'm ready to move up to 25-pounders


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