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Recent Events

(Photos provided for Tony, who likes pictures.)

The 2WIRE DSL modem is retarded. Any static IP (i.e. any device it itself did not assign via DHCP) shows as an 'inactive host' thus the router won't route traffic to it. How dumb is that?

Since my wife and I have engaged Galinda to suffer Firefly and Battlestar Galactica with us, it was only fair when the 6th season of The Soprano's began to air, that we immerse ourselves in her world. Unfortunately, my wife and I have never seen any of the episodes. Kind thanks to drax0r for loaning me his box sets so we could catch up. I was pleasantly surprised to find it far less violent and with far less cursing than I had expected. Think Deadwood for my expectations. I despise an overabundance of violence and needless cursing.

I usually dislike popular music. Until later. Then I can appreciate it. I hated Motley Crue when they emerged. I hated them equally 10 years later. However, I get an occasional riff in my head, and now enjoy some of their work. So I downloaded their 'Greatest Hits' last night and burned it CDDA format so I could listen to them on my short drive to work and back. However...something just wasn't right. Now, a seasoned fan would have noticed right away that it wasn't Vince Neil actually singing. The first that that tipped me off was the secondary chords being different. Only after skipping through most of the tracks on the CD did I was a Japanese band doing a cover CD. I ejected the disc and snapped it in half.

Will be compiling on my Solaris box today and hopefully get slackware installed at home this evening. Slackware is gnu-friendly. Solaris is not.

I'm wearing Polo Black this year. Thank you for noticing ;)

Have been listening to Lighnin' Hopkins while building my network at home. I'm only halfway through the second half of Double Blues (as I only use the main play window, arranged by 'Date Added') and am digging it so far. Texas Blues they call it.

Lastly, in looking for future used cars to replace the Cav...I've pretty much settled on the yet-to-be produced Dodge Challenger:
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