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Posted on 2012.05.30 at 15:43


codekitten at 2012-06-02 14:20 (UTC) (Link)
i have tried to be neutral-ish. i'm not fanatical about it but have tried to introduce cars/trucks/etc to A*. she's not interested AT ALL. same for w*...he just immediately veered towards boy things.

it's one of the most interesting real-life experiments to witness in person...i've come to the conclusion that it's mostly not up to us...and that's liberating!
ehowton at 2012-06-02 15:18 (UTC) (Link)
I wholeheartedly agree with that conclusion. My job entails pretty much just providing them experiences, helping them learn how to think, and supporting their ever-changing dreams.

The rest, as you mention, is out of our hands!
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