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Indiana Jones

Environmental Perspective

Posted on 2012.05.31 at 10:17
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I dreamed earlier this week that I was in Stuttgart, Germany surrounded by the Black Forest. I had to make several treks to Frankfort and back, not a short distance, especially on foot. I made the trip several times relaying information to Mr. Goodmark from HQ. It was odd that I wasn't distracted by the need to walk this distance because, well - everyone walks in Germany. Its a part of their culture, so I did too. Besides, distances are indicated in kilometers, not miles, which despite being more of them, they pass more quickly too, so it wasn't at all off-putting.

The next day I dreamed I had gone back in time to 1950s America. Pastel cars, pastel appliances, pastel clothes! I was shopping for a rough sewn off-the-rack button-down summer shirt - like a cool silk Hawaiian without the flower pattern. I found a beige shirt that had the word "Dodge" embroidered on it, only in today's modern font. I found another in the same color only with the Japanese flag embroidered in burt orange on both the front and back like a target - but it was the official national flag, not the one I was expecting, the naval variant. I finally settled on a beige one with a twist design on both sides adjacent dark brow and burnt orange panels. It would great with my old man hat.

As I've stated many times before (most recently in my Excitingly Existentialistic post), "While I was a young man attending an environmental science academy I was taught many liberal things - things I believed to be true because my instructors were articulate, world-weary adventurous adults. By the time I left home, moved overseas and started experiencing the world firsthand, I found that what I saw and what I was taught were two very different things. It was a very confusing couple of years for me as I worked to reconcile, and unlearn certain truths which had been ingrained in me."

I remember the first time I told suzanne1945 this story. She told me knew exactly how I felt because it had also happened to her. I was confused, because she seemed to have more liberal tendencies. That's when she explained that her experience had been identically opposite. She'd grown up in and had been raised in a primarily conservative environment, then experienced the opposite when out on her own.

This fascinated me for months! I later realized that I was released into 1980s Reaganomics; yuppies and education and financial success - she had been released into 1960s California; hippies and freedom and experimentation. To further cement my understanding of what had transpired, I was taught by those very hippies as she was taught by the post-war conservatives.

Perspective - its everywhere! And given the cyclic nature of my discovery, it proves to me that anyone who clings too tightly to one political camp over the other has surely lost that perspective. They are simply a product of an environment they do not yet understand.


jobu121 at 2012-05-31 16:17 (UTC) (Link)
I LOVE Black Forest Chocolate Cakes. Sorry I have not eaten as of yet... So I am thinking with my stomach at this moment.

I do love some of the 50's pastel colored stuff such as appliances. Plus back then they were made to last. I actually have a 1960's griddle from my mother. Minor soldering and it works as new. She was actually visiting once and commented "the temp light had gone out in the 80's" I got it to work as well.

I was born in the Summer of 69' in San Francisco, so sadly, when I dream of the 60's and hippies, I was there in real life. Ahhhh I was there and seeing some of the pics my mother and dad's attire really made me live hippie, free-love, and flower power.

Fortunately, my parents were not full-on hippies. Although, I do recall a time when my mom tried natural soap on us kids and we still stunk. So, she opted for a tried-true soap - LAVA.

MMMMmmmm Lava - a taste I have grown accustom. Goes down smooth with an aged glass of Chianti. HAHAHAHA

Edited at 2012-05-31 04:18 pm (UTC)
jobu121 at 2012-05-31 16:18 (UTC) (Link)
Oh and again as always - I love reading your posts sir.
ehowton at 2012-05-31 16:51 (UTC) (Link)
Likewise sir, likewise.
pcofwildthings at 2012-05-31 18:55 (UTC) (Link)
I was raised in an environment that started out very conventional, then morphed toward liberalism before once again attempting to turn more conservative again. My voting record over the ensuing 20 years post the age of majority would reflect a similar flip-flopping.

Most of us believe we're doing the best we can with the information available. I think what you're saying is we need to endeavor to swim out among the information floating around us rather than cling tightly to a particular buoy.
ehowton at 2012-05-31 19:02 (UTC) (Link)
How very nautical of you.
slchurchman at 2012-05-31 21:20 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, these "awakenings" came from different spheres, but the process was very much the same. I came from a very protected environment--small homogeneous conservative community where little diversity was encountered. I remember a conversation I had with a friend (1968) who had left this environment for a couple of years living in San Francisco. My side of the discussion was railing against why (disadvantaged) people just didn't stop whining and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. She pointed out that none of us in the discussion had risen that much higher than the socioeconomic level of our parents so why did we expect those of the downtrodden to be able to do it. Wow! Might as well have hit me in the face. How narrow and endoctrinated was my thinking!

While the "awakening" of my 20s was extreme in its impact, I find that as I've added experiences and years, my perspective has continued to grow and change. I've learned to not say "never" or "always" again, for life is forever molding our views with new information and different experiences. (If we care to partake).
ehowton at 2012-05-31 21:55 (UTC) (Link)
How narrow and endoctrinated was my thinking!

How refreshing that you didn't instead get angry and defensive.
CeltManX, Devlin O' Coileáin
celtmanx at 2012-06-01 05:07 (UTC) (Link)
I was educated by the same liberal hippies as you, and I have a dark secret to confess. I don't recycle and I hate hippies!!!
ehowton at 2012-06-01 12:26 (UTC) (Link)
It'll be our little secret.
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