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Firefly, Serenity

Monday in a bottle

Posted on 2006.04.17 at 14:49
Current Location: 63134
Current Mood: Wore the fsck out!
Current Music: The Hunt for Red October score

LiveJournal Username
Spaceship Name
Spaceship Size
How is the spaceship piloted?
How is the spaceship powered?
What's the upholstery like on the seats?
How do you see outside the spaceship?
What's the spaceship's primary purpose?
What's the Captain's catchphrase?
Main Weapon System:P-Cannon
Main Defensive System:Granola
Chance of catastrophic failure at critical moments
Voice of the ship's computer:prog_guy69
Finds mandatory uniform unflattering:squackle
Looks sexy in mandatory uniform:dentin
Ripped sleeves off mandatory uniform:schpydurx
Spends an unhealthy amount of time in the weapons locker:drax0r
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ehowton at 2006-04-20 21:37 (UTC) (Link)
Way to go, dentin.
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