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Great Scott!

I always envied the relationship Marty McFly had with Doc Brown and last night got to experience that friendship first hand! My grandfather-in-law Bill was Dr. Emmett Brown and I was his young sidekick Marty. Opening scene found us in a caravan park filled with travelling gypsies when over the loudspeaker came the announcement that there was a road race scheduled on Mulholland Drive - which I had incorrectly believed was in California my whole life - its actually in Canada, a mere 30-mile drive from where we were in Ohio, and the Doc had decided we were going to attend! Bowling for Soup started playing on the radio.

As excited as I was about going, I was afraid that my aged companion was planning to attend as a spectator. I explained that I wanted to participate in the road race and take the curves like we did in Vail, Colorado. I've never been to Vail, but I meant the mountainous road between Taos and Angel Fire, New Mexico. My fears were unfounded however, as he had every intention of the two of us putting the Delorean through its paces as a participant in the race.

But first, he wanted me to grill 400 bun-length hot dogs he'd just purchased from one of the gypsy vendors.

It was dusk when we we pulled into town, Bill behind the wheel running through the gears while wearing his black leather driving gloves, as we looked for our hotel in the unfamiliar town. My dad had called and I was excitingly telling him the news about the great race - he'd heard about it on the radio and wondered if we were going to run it.

Tags: 8wonders, dreams

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