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The day after my post detailing that my day is repeatedly identical, everything changes.

Yesterday, I had to rearrange schedules for projects coming up. This left two people in my office normally staffed by five. Myself and one other. I was called on my cell phone this morning before I even got to work. Apparently, one of clients was backing her car in this morning and the accelerator stuck, causing her to crash into the building! Trying to shift into 'Park' she managed 'Drive' instead, and crashed through a wrought-iron fence destroying a parked car on the other side. She was not seriously injured. This caused me to have to move one user this morning from his current office to a new, temporary location, with another move in the works to repair the damage. And as there are only the two of us today, it's very busy...

In a surprising move by galinda822 she not only was the first non-Brit I've ever heard utter the word 'peckish' but she also identified The Wizard of Oz playing in the background on a Sopranos episode before I did. Wow.

So we record this show, "Honey We're Killing the Kids," about the eating habits of today's youths. They take this couple, and using software, 'age' the children to 40-years old, showing what they could possibly look like if they continue their evil eating ways. After the hour show, they 'age' the children once again to show what they may look like if they stick to eating healthy. While this was all very illuminating, I did notice just a couple of things during the transformation video's of the children in their 40's which was rather disturbing, and far from objective. For example, not only were the 'heavy' (pre-change in eating habits) children well, fat...but they were all generated with balding and/or thin hair, frowns on their faces, and looking downwards. Really, they looked pathetic. However, at the end of the show, when they aged them post-change, not only were they thin (to be expected) but they had happy expressions, all their hair, and were not looking downwards. How sad that what could have been an informational, interesting show pandered to cheap effects to get the desired results.

Posting early for Tony to read...may edit later.
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