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US Army Air Forces

USAF Aircraft Insignia Roundel

Kansas has some laws which seem entirely foreign to me. Such as its illegal to pull-through an open parking space. Or back your vehicle into an open parking space. One year at Airbus the Wichita police rolled through and issued citations to everyone but me. I didn't get a ticket because I have a front license plate. In Kansas, front plates are either optional, or they simply do not issue them - I don't know which.

So I went vanity plate shopping, hoping to find something appropriate to fill the void on the Land Yacht and settled on something I hoped would reflect not only my own military history, but that of Bill's as well, as a WWII bombardier onboard B-26 Marauders (which coincidentally is the name of the high-performance variant of the Grand Marquis).

Only afterward did I decide I wanted to shoot this with aircraft in the background. The Newton City Airport (EWK) is rather tiny, but I thought I might have some luck there. As it turns out, there was a bit of an air show so the "crowds" would preclude any creative parking. As I was circling back around I stopped to introduce myself to a man who was working on his Raytheon-built 1962 Bonanza and asked if I could use his aircraft as a backdrop. I helped him pull it out of the hanger because he thought it would make a better a picture :)

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