ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

OMC the DMV & ME

My first car was TEXAS DDD-67. Easy for me to remember because my car was a 1968 model and I was born in 1969. It true you never forget your first. Guys are funny that way I guess. I remember also the plate which finally replaced it, TEXAS 526-TCG. And my Neon's VIRGINIA ZUZ-3119 which became TEXAS VYL-31G. These things happen. I asked her if she remembered her first. She just gave me "that look."

My wife and I oncesaw a commercial when we were living in New Jersey of an infant strapped into a car seat singing the praises of his "big bad dad" as he crooned extolling virtues of his father for considering his safety by purchasing a Mercedes Benz ML-class SUV. My wife thought it was the cutest commercial ever. I asked her if she thought it was targeting male or female demographics what with a singing baby and all. She answered, "female of course." Interesting. "For what product was the commercial attempting to market?" She didn't know.

My powder-blue Jag was UK TGT 480R which was easy enough to recall because of the targeteers at the 480th Reconnaissance Technical Group, my follow-on assignment from Britain.

My wife's Saturn was purchased in Wichita so my name has been associated with a Kansas plate before, but the very next we registered it in Texas - then she got Missouri plates a couple years later. Me, I always try to just keep Texas plate and a Texas license, but the NO-FAULT insurance debacle is toying with my plans. No worries, I'm still getting the windows tinted on the Land Yacht in Texas. I've already let McKinney Auto Glass & Tint I'll be in town next week.

But today, getting the front-end alignment before my trip, they somehow broke the air conditioner. So...still leaving early Friday, I just hope its in a car with refrigerated air. At least its legally tagged now.

ehowton, Kansan.

Tags: driving, photog
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