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Pattern Recognition

No matter where I turn I find the same patterns over and over. Those who embrace mindfulness; open-mindedness, are happy and successful and exude joy. Those who don't, aren't. And its worse than it sounds. Its not just that the close-minded aren't happy or successful, they're actively frustrated. Frustrated because nothing ever seems to work out. Frustrated about being perpetually frustrated. While I generally attribute this to ignorance, which dentin clarified as bad modeling - the answer seems to be incalculably simple while simultaneously complex:

Critical thinking.

To those who can appreciate its powerful logic understanding yourself, others, and the world around you is an eye-opening, mind-altering, intrinsically motivating experience. For those who struggle with the concept of intrinsic motivation, and hold fast to absolutism, egocentrism and a whole host of other close-minded mumbo-jumbo, discredit causality - and break the very fabric of time with their inflexibility.

As surreal as my life feels at times, the alternative is akin to a lobotomy for those of us who do not require external events to create our happiness. But we do require energy.
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