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Minority Report

Holding to convention for convention's sake blinds us to possibilities which may exist outside traditional ways of accomplishing tasks.

Bucking convention for the sake of being unconventional is equally as damning for it does not allow us to compare and contrast the best possible scenario or outcomes. Just because something is conventional doesn't mean its wrong.

Therefore in all things be mindful. Consider impossibility as part of your strategy, but do not limit that consideration to only impossible things. We are far greater than the mere sum of our parts if we can break free from the whispering ideology which attempts to convince us otherwise. If we can dream it, we can be it. Unless of course those dreams are of severely constraining circumstances - nature finds a way, and our nature is to be happy. It takes an untold amount of energy to be otherwise. Never presuppose failure, simply be mindful of it.

Convention oftentimes opposes nature manifesting as man made constructs of conscious suppression. Many man-made ideologies attempt to compensate for ambiguity because it can be such a struggle. Nihlists aren't wrong, and neither are those who cling to the supernatural. Praise both for the strength each affords them but admonish those who insist everyone fit into their particular mold. Diversity is a product of nature and only mankind's perversion of nature through ideologies which suppress it are the abomination. You cannot simply point at something which cannot be proven and then demand that the opposite is true.

I embrace those who think differently than I. I embrace those who exhibit gifts I will never posses. I can also appreciate some of those gifts from a distance, and disagree with others. The world - life - is a complex and nuanced place with innumerous vectors and intersections. There are those who believe choice is an illusion; predestination, and those who believe everything is a choice, even that which is not - philosophical ideas which stretch back millenniums. If you think you have the answer, and that its simple, wow!

As for me, I struggle.
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