ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

I Want Your Sax


  1. Cowboys & Angels
    • "Listen Without Prejudice, Volume One"
      • George Michael

  2. Theme from Taxi Driver
    • "Taxi Driver"
      • Bernard Herrmann

  3. Smooth Operator
    • "The Greatest Smooth Sax Collection"
      • The Smooth Sax Players

  4. Baker Street
    • "Baker Street"
      • Gerry Rafferty

  5. Us & Them
    • "Dark Side of the Moon"
      • Pink Floyd

  6. Wearing the Inside Out
    • "The Division Bell"
      • Pink Floyd

  7. Careless Whisper
    • "Make It Big"
      • Wham!

  8. Love Theme
    • "Blade Runner"
      • Vangelis

  9. Never Tear Us Apart
    • "KICK"
      • INXS

  10. If You Leave
    • "Pretty In Pink"
      • OMD

  11. Burning
    • "Devotion"
      • Mia Martina

Tags: mixes, saxual

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