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Reigning Neighborhood King

When I was in my early teens, my younger brother, my friend and his younger brother and I slipped down an oversized drain in the street near Bachman Lake in North Dallas and took a half-day, miles long trip through an underground labyrinth of connecting pipes of various sizes, sometimes opening into massive open-areas, and other times squeezing through mere crawlspaces. Most of the journey was through underground pipes so enormous we could walk four abreast. At one point we ended up near the runways of Dallas Love Field, assuming we'd made it well past the fence line.

While Newton isn't near the sprawling metroplex Dallas is, and doesn't support near the infrastructure, we do have, what I assume would be a fairly complex cat-sized system of underground connectivity. Which is where Marko now spends most of his time. Never one to have been indoors for too long a period of time, the addition of another cat, three kittens (two of which prefer the garage-life; they are seemingly neither indoor nor outdoor cats by standard definition), and our rambunctious pup Tobuscus, Marko has heeded the call of the wild and seems to slowly be tuning feral.

Much like the Serious Dogs in Steve Martin's "Cruel Shoes" only in reverse, Marko still manages to show us his love and affection with the more-often-than-you'd-expect rabbit carcass lovingly displayed on our front porch some mornings for my wife. The reason for the story mention is she never knows which part of the rabbit she's going to come across next. If you remember the beheaded carcass he left me once by my grill, this morning (the third or forth since IIRC) was mostly whole, minus the middle. Soon, I'll have enough to assemble an entire bunny from skeletal remains.

Wonderful cat, adventurous cat! Every three to five days I'll see him emerge from a drain while on my walk and I'll call to him. He usually walks an entire lap with me. If he follows me home he gets his feel of love then naps on the foot of my bed for a day. But soon enough the call comes again, and he's gone. I miss him, but I've tried keeping him in - after the horrific detox is over all he does is lounge around like an ill-tempered dragon without any gold. Its pathetic. No one should live like that, not even my precious Marko Ramius.

At least he remembers where those who love him are.
Tags: cats

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